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TurboVNC does not correctly submit keystrokes

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Hi, I am not quite sure whether this is the right place to ask the following question, if not please delete it and let me know:

I am using TurboVNC/VirtualGL for working remotely on a small server. This has the advantage of very efficient and quick rendering of graphics on the client. However, despite everything seemingly working well, some few characters are not beining transmitted correclty: pressing slash (/) gives questionmark followed by slash (?/) and quote (') gives double quote ("). There are several other issues that occur depending on the PC used as client (e.g. German versus English, Ubuntu version, Windows version etc.). This is extremely ennoying when working on the command line. Can anybody help?

Thanks, Dieter
asked Oct 21, 2014 in Help with applications by blaas (140 points)
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I think the "Scientific programming" category would be a better fit for this question.  I added the "Help with applications" sub-category to make it an even better fit :-) "Meta" is for questions and suggestions regarding the Knowledge Hub itself.

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1. edit your $HOME/.vnc/xstartup
2. put the line "export XKL_XMODMAP_DISABLE=1" before your gnome-session.

3. restart vncserver.

(according to: http://blog.yclian.com/2007/12/3-solutions-to-gnomevnc-keyboard.html )


I use "freenx server" at the server side(It's in the ubuntu repository) and opennx on the client side for remote desktop connection. IMHO, this is a good alternative, needs almost no manual configuration. It uses ssh and because of caching it is really fast.




answered Oct 21, 2014 by cri (420 points)
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