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Identify variables that occur together

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I need to find a way to identify two (or more) variables (True/False) that occur together in one group but not in another. So they are always in one group together but never in a second group together.


For example, these are the characters people in two groups have.


Group 1:

Subject 1: A, C, D

Subject 2: A, B, E

Group 2:

Subject 3: B, D, E

Subject 4: A, B, D


There is no single factor that is unique to all the samples in one group but absent from all the samples in the other group. However, B and D both occur in all subjects in group 2 but never in group 1. I am trying to find a method to identify "BD" from the data.
asked Apr 19, 2016 in Statistics by jason.bosch (220 points)

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