GMI "Mendel" cluster introduction

This course provides an introduction to the GMI high-performance computing cluster "Mendel".

Number of participants: minimum 3, maximum 6. Please note that currently participation is restricted to GMI employees, their collaborators, or colleagues who rent CPU time on "Mendel".


This course is continuously open for pre-registration. If you are interested in taking the course, please fill in your details below. Once enough prospective participants have been collected, they will be notified when the next training will take place.

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Topics and schedule

Length: The course takes three hours.



Participants must have an account on "Mendel". The GMI IT department is notified in advance so no action is needed from the participants.

Because "Mendel" can be accessed only through the command line, familiarity with basic UNIX commands such as ls, cd, cp, pwd is required.

This is a hands-on course. Participants must bring a laptop with them. Under Windows, they must have the PuTTY remote login utility installed. Linux or Mac computers already have the necessary tools to connect to Mendel, so no extra software installation is necessary.