Practical information

Please read the following information carefully.

General procedure

The number of participants is limited because the courses are very interactive, and therefore the participants will be selected on a "first come, first served" basis. This is standard procedure for scientific workshops with a limited number of participants.

Who may attend a course?

The BioComp courses are not only for undergraduate or PhD students. Anyone who is interested in learning is welcome. We welcome participants from outside the Biocenter campus as well.

Please always read the description of the course before applying. There can be pre-requisites such as familiarity with a given technique or application. If you do not fulfil those criteria then please do not apply as you would not be able to profit from the training and only would take somebody else's place.

Application procedure

  1. Upcoming courses are announced via e-mail including approximate time, topics and an estimated participation fee. Those who are interested should register online. We send an automated reply acknowledging but not yet confirming registration.
  2. All potential participants aged 18 or over are responsible for obtaining permission from their supervisors to attend the course. Minors may attend the trainings only with parental guidance.
  3. If there is sufficient interest, the registration of the participants is confirmed by a second e-mail. Registration involves a commitment to pay the registration fee.
  4. Participants are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis. Once all places are assigned, registration will be closed. Please note: you may register only yourself! Registrations on behalf of colleagues will not be considered.
  5. The accepted participants are notified. If an accepted participant cannot attend the course, then a new participant will be selected from the rest of potential participants.
  6. Those colleagues who could not register will be kept on the "potential participants" list. If there is sufficient interest then a second course will be held and the remaining potential participants will again "compete" for the places until everyone could be trained.

Billing address

If you work at the IMP, IMBA or GMI: In general there is no need to provide a billing address unless your course participation is financed from a special source (e.g. PhD training budget).

If you work at the MFPL, a campus company or any other institution outside the VBC: Please provide a billing address exactly in the format as requested by your institution's accounting department.

If you are unemployed: The "Arbeitsmarktservice" (AMS) may pay for the course but you will need an approval from your "Berater". Please ask them what kind of confirmation they need, and let us know before you register for the course.

Cancellation and refund policy

If you cannot attend a course after registration, we will try to replace you with another colleague on the waiting list, or you can suggest a replacement. If there is someone who registers as a replacement, then your registration fee will be reimbursed in full. If neither you nor us can find another participant, you will have to pay 50% of the course fee if you cancel your registration 8 (eight) or more days before the course begins, and the full fee if you cancel 7 (seven) days or less before the course starts.

If the number of participants falls below the minimal number specified for the course 8 or more days before the course starts, then the course will be cancelled and the already paid registration fees reimbursed, minus non-recoverable expenses incurred by the VBCF.

If we are forced to cancel a course (e.g. due to illness of the instructor etc.) then we will try our best to hold the course at a later date. Your registration will be valid for the replacement course. Should you decide to cancel your registration, the rules above will apply.

Seminar rooms

We have access to two seminar rooms:

Please make sure you go to the correct one for your training!


The registration fee includes coffee from the BioComp espresso machine!